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This page will provide you with a lot of useful  information on our wild horses and burros.

Save Our Wild

Save Our Wild Horses is here to offer helpful tips and educational information to help you with wild horse advocacy.  There is no donate button on this site because we believe in advocacy from the heart, and work tirelessly and without pay to bring awareness to America's wild horses and burros..  Any funds raised from the sales of ​our ​t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc are all in turn donated to organizations who work tirelessly to protect our wild horses, burros, wildlife, and public lands, put towards the annual wild horse conference held the last 2 years, or towards mailing information to legislators in DC.

The issues facing our wild horses today are sadly numerous: losing their homes on our public lands to livestock, mining, and oil refineries, being rounded up by helicopters and separated from family band members forever, to living in long-term holding pens for the rest of their lives, being adopted through a faulty Bureau of Land Management program and dumped at auction pens after a year, and being bought by kill buyers and shipped to slaughter houses in Canada and Mexico.  Our government and the
​Bureau of Land Management can do better than this, they can protect our wild horses better than this. 

It is up to us to remind them to do so before it's too late. 

Skydog Ranch

SKYDOG RANCH is a forever home for wild mustangs and burros who have ended up in horrible and dangerous situations - at kill pens, at auctions, or in unloving homes where they have often been starved and neglected. We are also home to several wild horse families that we have reunited after being separated during roundups. The horses here represent so many different aspects of the mustang issue: once rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management, many slip through the cracks and end up without the most basic care and affection.


Equine Advocates

The mission of Equine Advocates is to rescue, protect and
prevent the abuse of equines through education,
investigation, rescue operations, the dissemination of
information to the public and the operation of a horse
sanctuary for slaughter bound, abused and neglected horses.

Wild Horse Education

Wild Horse Education (WHE) was formed for the purpose of:

  • educating the public about the plight of wild horses and burros on public land, and in the government warehousing system for these animals including sale and final disposition,
  • working to end the inhumane treatment of these heritage animals,
  • encouraging the creation of a sane, scientifically-based management strategy for these animals in the wild (through management plans)
  • promoting public adoptions and support those who adopt, and
  • assisting the public to advocate for the welfare of wild horses and burros.

Under the federal Wild-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 that Wild Horse Annie worked so hard to create, these herds should be protected not rounded up and sent to slaughter.


The Cloud Foundation

The Cloud Foundation is dedicated to preventing the extinction of Cloud’s herd through education, media events and programming, and public involvement. We are also determined to protect other wild horse herds on public lands, especially isolated herds with unique characteristics and historical significance. As an organization, we care about the preservation of all wildlife, and about the preservation of public lands as well. Without public lands, Cloud's story of wild freedom couldn't be reality

American Wild Horse Campaign

The American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC) is a nonprofit organization fighting to ensure the future of America's iconic wild horses and burros and the Western public lands where they roam. We work to reform the cruel and costly federal wild horse and burro roundup program and replace it with humane management that keeps wild horses and burros wild, protected, and free. AWHC manages the largest, humane fertility control program for wild, free-roaming horses in the world.



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